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May 2014

We are very sad this month to say goodbye to Dr Alison Wallace, our senior Postdoctoral Researcher. Alison is leaving after a very successful period within the RCDRG group, where she was recipient of 2 major awards in our field and published several papers on the role of dNK cells in pregnancy. Alison will be sorely missed as she has been an important member of the group, providing support and guidance to all members. Thank you Alison and Good Luck!!


alison leaving


April 2014

We would like to welcome Julia Rugor, a visiting scientist from Berlin who is in the final year of her PhD studies investigating trophoblast gene expression. Julia has made the trip to London to use our specialist microscopy equipment and cell lines, and we are very happy to host her here at SGUL.

February 2014

This month we would like to welcome Sonu Singh Goulwara who is undertaking work experience as a research assistant with us. Sonu is going to be looking at the interactions between dNK cells and trophoblast.

November 2013

 A recent paper published by the RCDRG group has been recommended by The Faculty of1000. Please see here for more details.

September 2013

This month members of the RCDRG group travelled to Whistler in Canada to attend the International Federation of Placental Associations Annual Meeting 2013. Dr Alison Wallace presented an oral presentation of her work on decidual natural killer cells as well as two posters covering this work. Amanda Host presented a poster on vascular smooth muscle cells in spiral artery remodelling, and Prof. Whitley presented a poster discussing decidual stromal cells. It was an excellent and informative conference in a beautiful setting.


August 2013

Another month, another award! Congratulations to Laura James-Allan, a PhD student in the lab who has won a competition run by the 3-D culture system company Reinnervate, based on her entry describing "3-D methods of culturing decidual stromal cells". Laura has won £500 towards attendance of the conference of her choice.

We would also like to thank Charlotte Green, a vacation project student who has just finished in the lab, for all her hard work over the summer.

July 2013

This has been an excellent month for the RCDRG group, with a few awards to announce!

Dr Alison Wallace was the recipient of the Best Postdoctoral Scientist Award at the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) Annual Meeting for her presentation on decidual natural killer cells and their interactions with trophoblast. This year, for the first time the SRF Postdoctoral prize winner will take part in an exchange with the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology, and Alison will deliver a presentation on her work at their annual meeting in 2014.

Amanda Host has won second prize in the SGUL Graduate School Research Degree Student Prize for her excellent presentation which investigated smooth muscle cell de-differentiation during pregnancy. This award came with a £250 cash prize so congratulations Amanda!



Amanda Host and Alison Wallace in Cambridge


July 2013

The RCDRG group will be attending two conferences this month, Cambridge Annual Trophoblast  (CAT) Meeting and the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) Annual Meeting.

Dr Alison Wallace and Amanda Host have both been selected to present posters at CAT.

At the SRF, Dr Alison Wallace has been nominated for the Best Postdoctoral Presentation award. Amanda Host will also be delivering an oral presentation.


June 2013

This month Professor Whitley has been invited to speak at the ISSHP European Congress 2013 in Tromso, Norway (International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy).


May 2013

Prof. Whitley has won competitive funding for a Wellcome Trust Summer studentship this year, which will be taken up by James Chau.

Congratulations to current lab member Rebecca Buckley who graduated from Imperial College this week with a Masters in Reproductive and Developmental Biology.


February 2013

Professor Guy Whitley and Amanda Host will be presenting their research this month in Auckland, New Zealand, at the "Placenta and Healthy Pregnancy Workshop". This workshop is being organised by a previous member of the RCDRG group, Dr Jo James.


December 2012

The RCDRG group would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year, may 2013 be filled with experiments, publications and fun!


December 2012

The lab celebrated the now annual event of Festive Journal Club with a game of Biological Blockbusters followed by ice skating at the Natural History Museum. Some members of the lab were more elegant on ice than others but fun was had by all!

ice skating L-R: Sandy, Laura, Amanda and Alison whizzing round the ice


September 2012

Prof Alan Johnstone is retiring this month and the RCDRG group are very sad to see him go! We are hoping to tempt him back for the odd Friday drink and immunology advice.


September 2012

To welcome new PhD students Laura and Becky to the lab, the RCDRG group went 10-pin bowling! The clear winner was Laura, closely followed by Guy and Brooke.

               p1050680.jpg  In third place: BROOKE LUMICISI


July 2012

The annual St George's Biomedical Sciences Reproductive and Developmental Biology Afternoon Retreat takes place at the Wellcome Trust in London this month. Attendees will hear an afternoon of exciting research including presentations by Masters student Alexina Weekes and Dr Alison Wallace.


July 2012

It's Graduation Day! Congratulations to Dr Rupsha Fraser, Ms Sandra Ashton and previous undergraduate student Charlie Austen MBBS who all graduated this month from St George's, University of London.

Dr Rupsha Fraser with Prof Alan Johnstone     

July 2012

July is a busy month for the RCDRG group, with no less than two Conferences to attend. Several members of the lab are going to Cambridge for the Cambridge Trophoblast Research Annual Trophoblast Meeting, which this year has a focus on "Hypoxia: Sensing and Consequences". Dr Alison Wallace is attending the Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference in Edinburgh, where she has organised a special symposium for PhD students and postdoctoral trainees.


June 2012

Congratulations to Melissa Hayman who will be carrying out a studentship in our lab this summer after recieving funding from the Society for Endocrinology.


June 2012

As our lab is based in London this month we have got into the Queen's Diamond Jubilee spirit! Below are some of the RCDRG group with our flags and corgis before celebrating Her Majesty's Reign with a cup of tea and cake. 

jubilee celebrations    L-R: Alison, 2 corgis, Brooke, Amanda, Rupsha and Guy

January 2012

We would like to welcome Alexina Weekes who has started her Master's research project in our lab. Alexina will be investigating the first trimester decidual environment in pregnancies at higher risk of pre-eclampsia, focussing on the role of oxidative stress and decidualisation.


December 2011

The Reproductive and Cardiovascular Disease Research Group Journal Club celebrated Christmas with a special Festive Journal Club at the Natural History Museum in London! We were taken on a behind-the-scenes tour to view the labs and special collections, including the world’s largest preserved giant squid.


December 2011

Congratulations to Rupsha Fraser for the award of her PhD “The role of Decidual Natural Killer Cells in Pregnancy” and Soma Mukherjee for her MD (Res) investigating glucocorticoids in pregnancy. Rupsha is staying with the group until April investigating the role of macrophages in early pregnancy. Soma has started as a consultant in Obstetrics at Warwick Medical School. 


September 2011

Dr Alison Wallace has won the New Investigator Prize for her presentation at the International Federation of Placental Associations (IFPA) Conference in Geilo, Norway. The New Investigator session is a hotly contested part of the IFPA conference.  The IFPA conference is an annual meeting of four placental research organisations from different regions around the world and is attended by the world’s leading placental researchers.

 ifpa  Placental biologists enjoying the sun at IFPA in Norway


July 2011

Dr Alison Wallace has been selected to present her research at the Postdoctoral Prize session at the Society for Reproduction and Fertility Conference in Brighton. In this session, 4 postdocs compete for the prize with a 20 minute oral presentation.


April 2011

Rupsha Fraser, a PhD student in the lab, has been selected to attend the prestigious Frontiers in Reproduction Laboratory Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA! Read Rupsha’s blog about this intensive 6 week course here and read more about FIR here.

                                                                    Rupsha setting off for FIR!                   rupsha fraser


March 2011

Research by Professor Guy Whitley, Dr Judith Cartwright, Dr Alison Wallace, Miss Rupsha Fraser and Miss Amanda Host has been selected for poster and oral presentation at the Society for Gynaecological Investigation Conference in Miami, USA. Congratulations!



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